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3 Step Polishing Pads 4 Inch

3 step polishing pads

100mm/ 4 inch

wet and dry use

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Super Quality 3 Step Diamond Wet Polishing Pad For Stone

Wet polishing granite,marble, engineered stone, sandstone,quartz etc,

Diameter:100mm /4 inch,with velcro backed

Weight:50g per piece,

10pcs per box,

Private label no problem

100mm /4 inch   TPP-0994.0mm16mm#1-#2-#3wet polishing stone

Both dry and wet use

3 STEP Flexible diamond polishing pad, diamond wet polishing pad for stone marble granite tile terrazzo limestone travertine concrete etc.

Use type: wet

Application:hand polisher,portable grinder

What can I polish with this pad?

· Marble

· Granite

· Natural Stone

· Synthetic Stone

· Concrete

Product description

3 STEP Diamond wet polishing pads

are used on handheld polisher or portable grinder, to polish or renew or maintain

marble granite tile or other engineered stones slab or floor.

Quantity of water is added in working. 3step polishing pads can achieve polishing result

from 7 steps pads due to special formula. Save time and money for users.



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