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Degree Mitre Clamp for Stone Fabrication

Miter Clamp

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45 Degree Mitre Clamp for Stone Fabrication

1.When two work pieces are processed into a 45 degree bevel, then put two work pieces of 45 bevel face assembling together , and the two 45 degree work piece fit into a 90 with each other, use the fixture in plastic extrusion seam stitching
2.first,put the botton of width stone on the fixture work surface which white rubber,the side of the narrow stone close to the 90 inside of the fixture.
3.then two binder lever can be adjusted by adjusting spring device  access to the top position of the workplace, then  the screw at the top of the binder lever to put pressure in place to maintain the fixture locked position for a certain time, until the work piece fully bonded joints solid, and then release the fixture.

ProduceSizeWeight Application
Miter Clamp32*20cm2.50KGstone joint


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