Diamond polishing pads

Stone Polishing Pads

Diamond polishing pads are designed for granite, marble, engineered stone fabrication and applied to granite polishing, marble polishing and concrete polishing. 


Stone Fabrication、Polished Concrete

Diamond Dry Polishing Pad

3 Step Polishing Pad

5 Step Dry Polishing Pad

We offer kinds of diamond polishing pads for different applications:

3 step polishing pads are ideal for polishing granite and marble in stone shops

Dry diamond polishing pads are used on job sites for polishing marble and granite

Wet resin diamond polishing pads are used for wet polishing
Wet/dry polishing pads are suitable for both working
We also offer special types of diamond polishing pads including diamond polishing pads for engineered stones, abrasive vacuum brazed diamond polishing pads and copper polishing pads. Our convex diamond polishing pads are used to polish curved area.